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Fothbas's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198114466832

Reason for ban: Not given but i assume RDM

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Not given, told by staff till monday (2-3 days)



Was banned in relation to the report by nymodia, which was a stupid report in general because i was slain twice for that and it was a legitimate mistake on my part because i thought that he had shot me, since he was right in my face and i was shot when he zoomed in.

I did not kill him with malicious intent and i was punished appropriately.

I said in chat that if it wasn't him that shot me i will accept my slays and i was sorry.

I am being treated unfairly due to past transgressions.

I am sincerely sorry for killing nymodia, it was a mistake on my part and i did not intentionally break the rules. 

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I mean in regards to just Fothbas getting banned for 3 days for rdming, when he was already slain by an admin on the server at the same time seems pretty unfair and doesn't really make much sense. But i don't condone the messages he sent to you , but i don't think its much to support a ban on someone.

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Personally, on the evidence given by Nymodia where you seemingly don't care about your actions, given the fact that you admitted to ddosing a community doesn't really help your case at all, in fact it should be reason to actually extend the ban if anything.

-1 to reduce or remove the ban, it's only a 3 day ban, you'll live.

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Fothbas sent me the following-

FothbasToday at 6:23 PM


i need you

to comment on my bann apeal

with this text i am about to copy paste

since i was banned from forum

First off, i never once called you gay. I did say that you suck the staff dicks to get mods which isn't calling you gay, is just saying your acting all big to try look good to the mods Secondly, Me hacking with a Minecraft x ray texture pack and ddosing a server 3 years ago doesn't threaten the safety of the server and doesn't have any weight in ban and shouldn't affect how i am treated in this server Next, take a fucking joke the way you are saying this makes me think you actually thought i was gonna sue you or something of the likes. Also btw the messages about the YouTube video and my privacy complaint again, hold no weight within this ban and shouldn't affect anything because this is a private dispute, nothing to do with flux Again, you left out an important detail of me "justifying" my second RDM of you. I was saying that i killed you because i thought you shot me, since you zoomed up on me and a gun was shot at me at the same time, and in my report i said that if it wasn't you that shot me, i will accept my slays because i made a mistake. You then clarified that it wasn't you that shot me, and i said sorry and i got my slays. They way i was "justifying it" was because i wasn't intentionally breaking the rules to cause damage, broke the rules unknowingly because i thought you had shot you. Simple to understand. It was my mistake and i got slays. My original revenge RDM was on purpose and i received slays. I don't see why you felt the need to report me on the forums when I had already received my punishments. Me being toxic to you outside of the server shouldn't have any affect on my ban, as it has nothing to do with the server If i was too much for you to handle in the game chat you could have asked me to stop, or you could have asked a mod to stop me and give me a warning, as they are meant to


I know that there is spelling errors but he knows what he did was wrong. I do think a 3 day ban is a bit extensive even though there has been toxicity spread the last couple of days.

I would also like to apologize to Aeyon. He didn't deserve shit. It was meant to be friendly banter but he got hurt. I also appreciate him trusting me last night after my mic glitched in game.

I thank St. Clair for the support given towards us. We expected some comebacks but you were calm

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