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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198114466832 Reason for ban: Not given but i assume RDM Issuing staff member: Ban length: Not given, told by staff till monday (2-3 days) Appeal: Was banned in relation to the report by nymodia, which was a stupid report in general because i was slain twice for that and it was a legitimate mistake on my part because i thought that he had shot me, since he was right in my face and i was shot when he zoomed in. I did not kill him with malicious intent and i was punished appropriately. I said in chat that if it wasn't him that shot me i will accept my slays and i was sorry. I am being treated unfairly due to past transgressions. I am sincerely sorry for killing nymodia, it was a mistake on my part and i did not intentionally break the rules.
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