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FaithlessWolfe for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:468608204

Age: 26

Current Server Level: 3w 1d 16h 49m

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Higashi
Big Hoss



About FaithlessWolfe:


I think at this point everybody knows who I am, and I've made enough of these that there's not really anything of note to put here.

Quick rundown tho, I'm Wolfe. Been playing on Flux since Feb 2019, been staff a few times and resigned for different reasons (gonna stick around until Flux dies this time if I'm accepted tho, gotta prove the haters wrong 😤)

I'm currently 26 years old, about to be 27 in a week. I'm unemployed and sleep like 3 hours a day so I'm around a lot. Main interests are Star Wars and gaming



Reason for Application:


I like to help out, and there aren't a lot of active mods these days. Typically when I see them join they only stick around for a couple rounds and then dip.

Like I mentioned in my about me, I'm unemployed and barely sleep so I'm available most hours of the day and I have nothing else to do with my time. (Also Higashi told me I should reapply). I'm also very familiar with how to moderate TTT servers as I've done it for thousands of hours, with Flux being a decent chunk of that time



Previous Experience:


Owner: Demonic Gaming TTT, Deathrun and DarkRP. Afterlife Gaming - TTT and DarkRP and Bhop.

Head of Staff/Staff Manager: Exiled Gamers TTT, Deathrun, F2S and DarkRP.

Admin: SlyGaming TTT, DarkRP.

Senior Moderator: Flux TTT.

Mod: SlyGaming Deathrun. Kingzz TTT.



Additional Comments:


Best case if you accept this I'll stick around until Flux dies and you have a mod that has no life and is available all the time, or worse case you end up with a mod that knows what they're doing for a couple months and I dip (don't plan on it) Either way it's kinda a win imo


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