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Eltorz for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36155614

Age: 18

Current Server Level: 31

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Eltorz:

I got almost 2k hours on Gmod and Flux is the only server i play, TTT is quite enjoyable and i enjoy talking and playing with everyone on the server, Even became VIP which is groovy. Thought i would try become staff since i am already on here so much anyway. I have had no record of purposeful RDM or ARDM outside of both people joking and even then i don't like too


Reason for Application:

I want to help deal with peoples reports because RDM/ARDM just ruins your fun (unless both parties are just joking and are okay with it), and i am on here a lot already so i might as well help out with everyone's issues. 


Previous Experience:

 Figured i'd give it a go and go for it. Just want to make the server a fun place for everyone since some people can be, unfun to put it simply


Additional Comments:

I don't have any previous experience simply because i have never tried, always just been a player. But i'd like to try. Alot of other people have more expertise but i thought why not 

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