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WRonin for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50685756

Age: 26

Current Server Level: 51

Recommendation(s) from Staff: birbobert
gifcartel Hharry


About WRonin:


My name is Tongsen from NZ (but actually asian). I am a student studying a Bachelors Degree in Networking and I am working for a software company as a tier 1 support desk answering tickets and phonecalls.  My hobbies are studying cisco packet tracer, muay thai, cosplaying and archery. I have played gmod everyday and have almost 2000 hours (TTT only) because its the only game I play these days.  

I try my best to be friends with everyone and have a solid understanding of the rules. I may lack experience in moderating servers but I am a very quick learner.



Reason for Application:


I have been meaning to apply for a while now but back then I had stuff to sort out in life. I am now back and would love to help out the staff team with handling reports and to be more involved in this community that has helped me. I feel like I would be a great candidate as I have experience handling tickets and  dealing with people over the phone from work.



Previous Experience:


Additional Comments:


Thank you for considering my application.

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