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Kacj (Jack) Mod/ staff application

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I’m Server: TTT


Steam name: Kcaj


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117079100 


Age: unspecified 15+



1: Menace

2: Cuck



Tell us about yourself.

- Hi my name is Jack, I'm currently in the Defense Force inside of Australia, I've lived here all my life but travel with work overseas at least once a year, I have a degree in plumbing that I studied during my high school years, I've been a gamer all my life, evening participating in a counter strike tournament. I have since switched between games looking for stable ground and always have played gmod on and off. I hope to stay for a long while because this community is welcoming and fun to be apart of. 


Why do you want to become staff?

- I think that I would be a great staff member because I love playing gmod and this is one of my favored communities that I've been apart of and had potential to staff in, I know all the rules having 900 hours across TTT alone,I have experience with the ulx commands and I'm a really approachable player and love to help people out and take pride in changing and improving the gmod communities experiences on the Flux servers.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- Yes I have a microphone and use it every time I play as it is the quickest and easiest form of communication.


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- At the time of writing this application I have 6 days 7 hours and 28 minutes (151 hours)


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

- I've been staff on 2 TTT servers and 1 DarkRP


-Synchronized Gaming TTT (Head admin 6 months - server closed)

-Imperium Gaming TTT (Mod for 4 months - resigned)

-Oculus Gaming DarkRP (Mod 2 weeks - resigned)




Thank you for taking the time to review my staff application I look forward to hearing from you soon <3

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You have good qualities, possessing extensive knowledge of the rules and ulx, considerable activity on the Discord (Before I was chat banned and departed.) and reasonable activity; but is your character overstated by the many? Yes. On this thread, you said, I'm a really approachable player and love to help people out and take pride in changing and improving the gmod communities experiences on the Flux servers. Three Weeks ago (Issue and Suggestions > Recommendation Requirement) you said, I have finally given up on the hopes of getting staff and moved on since then, because simply it being above and beyond a high expectation and effort. I don't know whether staffing is beyond expectation and "effort" or you love to help people because from experience, you're not. And, you're not approachable either. And you seem to contradict yourself all the time. Is it convenient that the Recommendation Requirement thread was posted 3 weeks ago (by you)? Was it a mechanism for you to manipulate your way to a recommendation? I sniff a power hungry player. You have only really been active on the forums since you've been wanting staff (80% of posts in the last 3 weeks since his Recommendation Requirement). Have you been playing the "nice guy card" in the last 3 weeks? It was only yesterday evening, I overhead you responding to a question on the server, 'that sounds like a you problem.' From my perspective, your response was hostile and negligent. Not the nice guy aye? I love being critical. -1 ∞.

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