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  1. The map vote will pick 4 random ones and 2 popular maps ever map vote. The reason for this is because most player don't want to play map that they have not played before and they will leave. !nom will overwrite this if peoples do it
  2. I like the current map vote. If you don't like the maps that pop up type !nom
  3. Adding a close button would be easy to do. Like this post if you want a close button!
  4. More information is required. What server?
  5. Hello everyone, I see no reason why we need to add coinflip to the f3 menu. I think it would just be a wast of time. But more gambling option does sound like a good idea.
  6. Hello Everyone new rule for TTT Game Play rule: Running away with the tester without a Detective's permission is KOSable.
  7. Hello Astro, We did have this at the very start of flux but people didn't like it and request it to be removed.
  8. Hello Everyone, Flux DarkRP opens today at 4:00pm AEST. Come check it out!
  9. Hello Biotoboku, You have been ACCEPTED If you can join discord sometime today after 6 pm AEST. ill show you around deathrun.
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