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Hello, this is Predzee.


I departed from Garrysmod following the painful death of Kickass and Dopefish. I was HORRIFIED returning to Garrysmod, to recognize Deathrun and Zombie Survival, my favourite gamemodes, had VANISHED from Australia. Flux was the server with the best rating, so I hopped on, and began enjoying myself.


I’m interested in Novels, Videogames, Television shows and Movies. I LOVE science fiction. That’s why I have to take 5 Vitamin B tablets every day. I'm a vampire, don't tell anybody! 


This server is unique and distancing myself from the ubiquitous Vanilla TTT is in my best interest. I’ll be around here for a long time. It’s time to join the PC Master Race. I'll be active on the forums and discord. Thankyou. 

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