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Admin/mod app

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J-o-k-e-r-A-c-e Admin/Mod App



Flux ttt servers


Steam name:



Steam id:






Tell about your self:

metal fabricator at daytime, gamer at night time and love 4wd and only just got back into gmod again and hope to stay on your ttt servers for a while. :)

Why want to be staff:

Cause you guys lack staff by lots so thought give guys a hand to enforce the rules and make sure players have fun slaying rdmers.

Do you have microphone:

yes i do use it when i need to.

How many hours on Flux:

guessing 1.5hrs+, i know its not enough hours but i do have alot expereice in ttt servers

4744hr in gmod so yea.

Have you previously been staff on different gmod server:

aussie ttt server-admin.

                 other servers(super admin/admin) cant remember that far back(years).

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Note: You must meet all the following requirements to apply for Staff. If not you will be rejected and will not be eligible to apply in the future!





 You need at least 48 hours on Flux Servers

A microphone (That works properly)

 Active on our Discord server

 No bans on your account (Excluding karma bans)

 Minimum of 15 years of age

 1 recommendation from a Staff member (A Moderator or higher)



Blue = Important

Green = Achieved

Red = Not Achieved


Please take note of the key and the colour coding I have done for you. While yes you have follows the rules in the short amount of time you've been on the server and you may have some experience, you lack a large chunk of the requirements.


Unfortunately the staff member "Me" doesn't exist and hasn't given you their consent for a recommendation. I suggest next time you ask an actual moderator or higher and they will say yes or no and should give you some advice on how to improve.


You also have not given us much information about yourself or why you would like to be staff, they are both just one sentence. While great men can explain a lot in one sentence, I am sorry to say you are not one of these "Great Men" because It doesn't explain much about yourself, or why you'd like to join the staff team.


I myself have not seen you in discord, you may be active but I know not what your Discord ID is, and you severely lack a large chunk of the hours required. I suggest you reapply when you meet all the requirements my dear friend.


Best of Luck



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