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Racist Minge Report

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Not sure where else to post this but anyways, recently playing with a mate and a kid by the name of MyFaceLicksFaces (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198205459199) got on and the 2nd message he said had the hard-r n-word, and at first just told him that I dont really appreciate it, ive been called it myself before because of my background but anyways, I wasn't cut over it or anything but then he found it outright hilarious to keep posting it over and over, stepping up to that word and chimp or ape, which got under my skin a bit. He then re-inforced his ability to be a pain in my ass by going AFK at traps for entire rounds or at the very least numerous minutes because we A. wouldnt give him a free run or B. he just wanted to be an ass.


Got screenshots of the best part of 10 minutes of him carrying on and only 1 clip of him sitting at traps doing nothing with the express purpose of being a right obnoxious prick, which you'll find in the rar attatched here. (link removed)


Again, sorry if this isnt the place or it looks like im having a little cry, but im really new to the server and im less than interested in playing with racist minges as I assume many people are. 


Thanks for your time.

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