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Doma (That One Arab) Bannywanny appeal


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Steam Name: Doma

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:56484101

Reason for Ban: """Aimbot"""

Staff Member Who Banned You: No idea my guess would be generic since he was in spec at the time

Ban Length: perma :)

Your Appeal: I'd like to see a video of my so called aimbotting. Also i'm not disabled so there  is no need to use some shit like that. 


Edited out some trash

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Hi Doma (That One Arab), Unfortunately, we have video evidence of you tracing and locking onto multiple people whilst playing on our servers. The staff that were playing at the time have reviewed the videos provided to us and conformed that this ban shall not be uplifted. Have a nice evening.

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Are you serious ahhhhhhhhhh gmod spectating is so broken. Post the videos so other members can see, I've never hacked a game in my life and still don't plan to. There's no point in playing if something else is doing it for you.


Edit: I've been playing on this server for ~1 year and have never been banned or even told about staff thinking that I was aimbotting. I've only been falsely banned for scripting some months back.

So if I was "aimbotting" where was the ban back then?

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Hello Doma


After considerable discussion and thought of the gathered evidence, your ban has been removed. However you will be under probation for some time due to the significance of specific evidence gathered against you. We appreciate you patience in this matter, and if your claim of innocence is true then this probation should not affect you to any significant extent and you shouldn't find yourself in this situation again.


Have a nice day.

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