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444rez's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: deadhealth444

Reason for ban: for showing bare ass on discord

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: im not sure



Hello Flux Staff.

so I was banned from the discord recently and I was hoping I could get unbanned? I know what I did was wrong, but I never forced any of them to see it as kimiko said. it was their choice, and I'm not 21 I'm only 16 I just look older lol, my birthday is February 8th, 2006. I only asked Jim to join and while I was on discord and he was still on the game he had more people join from the TTT server. I think everybody deserves a second chance, and I know I was being extremely toxic to some of the others on the server so I would also like to apologise for that, there wont be any more drama I promise.

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Hey there @ 444rez

You were perma banned by myself for flashing your ass on camera to people in a vc.

Let me be perfectly clear on this. At no point, should a user, let alone a minor, EVER expose themselves on Discord. I can’t believe that needed to be said.

Regardless, the staff team will discuss this appeal and I’ll get back to you with a verdict.

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Hello @ 444rez ,

I have DENIED your appeal because what you did is against the law.

You will never be allowed to appeal this in the future due to the extreme high risk this brings to the community.

I will be closing & locking this thread now


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