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baked bean - Trial Mod Application


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Flux TTT


Steam name: 

baked bean 








1: Fpsbacon (Super Moderator)


Tell us about yourself.

- My name is Bailey, I go by the in-game name 'Retz' on pretty much everything, but on Flux I'm known as 'baked bean'.

I am a 20-year-old dude from Perth who likes to play Gmod. I'm fairly new to Flux Servers as I only first joined around a month ago, but in that month I have played on the server nearly every day and have accumulated nearly 7 days of playtime. I'm currently not studying or working, so I spend pretty much all of my time online play games or watching videos when I'm not hanging out with friends or out and about.

I've been playing Gmod for as long as I can remember, it was one of the first games I ever started seriously playing back when all I had was my crappy laptop as a kid, and I still play it regularly to this day. I've probably accumulated over 2000 hours (and that's a modest guess) on it over the years, making it one of my most played games ever. 

You've most likely seen me on the server in the afternoon or at night, as those are my peak times (let's just say I'm not a morning person). 


Why do you want to become staff?

- Because I love this server and the community and want to be able to help it out as much as I can. The last few weeks since finding Flux TTT and getting back into TTT have been some of the most fun I've had in a long time. Also, helping people has always been a passion of mine, whether it be in real life or online. TTT is one of those game modes that requires that everyone follows the rules otherwise everything just gets out of control and it becomes nearly unplayable, so staff are an essential part of the game mode.

The main reason I'd like to become staff is because there's been quite a few times on the server where there haven't been any staff at all on, so everyone's breaking the rules, so I'd like to be able to do something about the rulebreakers. There's nothing worse than having to sit back and watch as all these people break the rules and ruin the fun for everyone else, and you're completely unable to do anything about it (except for message staff). My goal would be to completely rid the server of these rulebreakers so everyone can have a fun, enjoyable experience on Flux servers. 

Also, I think I'd make a great staff member for the sole reason that I'm available to staff the server when the large majority of the other staff aren't. My hope would be to fill in those gaps where other staff are unavailable so there's never a point in time where no staff are online.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- Yes, I have a microphone.

I use it mainly for callouts (KOS, etc), but I also use it just for general conversation. 


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- At the time of writing this, 156 hours (over the span of around 3-4 weeks)


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

- Yes, I've been staff on plenty of Gmod servers. Some of the most notable staff positions I've held were Moderator on Poseidon Servers TTT for around 2 years and Moderator on SBS Hogwarts RP for around a year. I've also been Moderator on a handful of other Poseidon Servers game modes such as Murder, Deathrun, and DarkRP, but I didn't spend nearly as much time on those servers as I did on their TTT one.



If you have any questions, criticisms, or feedback, I'd be happy to hear them, and please don't hesitate to message me on discord if you'd like to ask me about something.



Cheers lads,

- baked bean

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Well you said you wanted criticism so I'm gonna drop some.


This line here "there's been quite a few times on the server where there haven't been any staff at all on, so everyone's breaking the rules, so I'd like to be able to do something about the rulebreakers". You're one of those people. There have been a few times over the past couple weeks since I first joined with no staff members on and you begin to RDM. The most recent example I can give was the other night on rooftops. You attempted to kill me and failed so I killed you. Turns out you where a T and that should of been the end of it right? wrong. The next round you where an innocent and decided to take it upon yourself to kill me before saying "that's for fucking RDM'ing me". So not only did you RDM which is against the rules, by your own logic it was revenge RDM which again, is against the rules.


Also from what I've seen you generally aren't that nice of a person and tend to be quite rude towards everybody, at least when staff aren't on. You also seem to get quite mad when you don't win your T rounds and take that anger out on the other players too which really isn't something a staff member should be doing. At the end of the day it's just a game and people want to have fun, not have people getting angry at them because they didn't win in a video game.


Don't know if my vote counts, still new here and learning what's what but I'm going to say -1.

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(buckle up my guy, because you're in for a bit of a read)


"There have been a few times over the past couple weeks since I first joined with no staff members on and you begin to RDM. The most recent example I can give was the other night on rooftops. You attempted to kill me and failed so I killed you."

I'm sorry mate, but you can't just conveniently leave out some of the most crucial details of that whole ordeal. You thought that me pushing you slightly off the edge of a tower with a barrel; not causing a single point of damage to you from the prop OR the fall in the process, gave you the right to kill me. It didn't. You see, the rules CLEARLY state that prop DAMAGE or prop KILLING is KOSable, but not prop PUSHING. You had killed me for prop PUSHING you, which is not a traitorous act and therefore isn't a legitimate reason to kill someone. If I had wanted to kill you, please explain to me why I just gave you a baby tap with a barrel and didn't full on whack you with it or shoot you (which would have been a far easier and more efficient way to kill you)?

(If any staff have access from the logs from this event, please take a look at them, it will prove that I did in-fact do 0 damage to Psycho with the prop, and show him RDMing me after the fact.)

Now I admit that the round after I did revenge RDM you, and I'm sorry for that I truly am, but this was a one-off thing, it's not like I make a habit of doing this or do this often which is what you make it sound like. Really the only reason I felt the need to revenge RDM you in this case was because you're a VIP, and should know better than to RDM people for prop pushing... (and I know that sounds extremely hypocritical coming from another VIP that also broke the rules, but you get my point.)

"Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self-defence." < that's the rule in question. If you could kindly point out the part where it says 'prop pushing' is a traitorous act, that'd be highly appreciated because I can't seem to see it. 

I'm sorry my guy, but you can't just twist the story to suit your own narrative... there's always two sides to the story. You broke a rule (RDMing me for prop pushing), and I broke a rule in retaliation (revenge RDMing you), I say that's fair game but you seem to have a held grudge on me because of this. 


"Also from what I've seen you generally aren't that nice of a person and tend to be quite rude towards everybody, at least when staff aren't on. You also seem to get quite mad when you don't win your T rounds and take that anger out on the other players too which really isn't something a staff member should be doing."

Again, simply not true my guy, and numerous people on the server can attest to this. I am kind to everyone on the server except for people who knowingly break the rules and I'm certainly not rude to anyone unless if it's me jokingly insulting someone or making a joke about them (which is all just harmless banter, I'm not actually being serious whatsoever and that's plainly obvious, it's all in good fun)... 

(For example) If somebody mistakenly kills me when I was Innocent/T/Detective/Naruto for whatever reason, as long as it was an accident I forgive them. If however, they kill me just for the sake of breaking the rules, or they are somebody that should know better (such as a VIP), sure I'll be pissed at them but who DOESN'T get pissed at rule-breakers? It'd be un-natural to NOT get pissed at people who break the rules... in-fact, getting pissed at rule-breakers is probably one of the best attributes you can have as a staff member because it gives you the MOTIVE to do your job and gives you a reason to keep on keeping on... 

Now obviously I'm not talking about abusing rule-breakers as a Mod or actually genuinely getting pissed off at them, I'm talking about using this spite I have for rule-breakers to fuel my work as a Moderator, turning my negative feelings into something positive and beneficial for the server. 


The part about me getting mad when I don't win T rounds, again, is simply not true. Are you sure you're not getting me mixed up with somebody else? because I really don't treat TTT like a competitive game at all and certainly do not get mad if I lose as a T. TTT is a game mode I go to where I can sit back and relax while having fun with people online, and I really couldn't care less when I die or lose as a T unless if it was RDM (and even then, if it was a mistake, I forgive them usually)... I mean just today I was messing around pretty much every round I was a traitor, doing stuff like throwing knives at people or using the Nyan Gun, basically not taking being a T seriously at all, because I play on TTT to have FUN first and foremost, not to win. I'm actually a very laid back guy when it comes to TTT and in general, so it's actually pretty confusing to me how you see me as a rude, angry, person when I'm really not. 

I'm not afraid to admit to my mistakes, and you really shouldn't be either. You not being able to recognize and admit that you killing me for prop pushing was against the rules and RDM shows me that you either don't fully understand the rules yourself or that you're refusing to accept the rules, either way, it's not good. You should learn from your mistakes, not straight up deny that they ever happened and blame them on someone else like you're doing here. 


Not even a day after that whole prop pushing incident I had already forgiven you and it was water under the bridge for me... you broke the rules, I broke them back, and I thought that was the end of it. I had no idea this whole incident left such a bitter taste in your mouth, but neither of us is in the right in this situation my guy. 

I appreciate the feedback Psycho, I really do, but I just don't think you're being very fair here. 


Annnnd I'm finally done. This took me nearly 45 minutes to write up this response. If anything that should show you how dedicated I am to getting this position and how much I care about the rules. I mean damn, this response alone is bigger than my ENTIRE application itself... If I was just a dude that is rude to everyone and RDMs willy-nilly like you claim, why would I dedicate nearly an hour of my life just to try and straighten things out with you and explain myself? It just doesn't make any sense. 


(all of the questions in this response are rhetorical, by the way, no need to answer them.)

(P.S. Psycho, please, if you want to refute anything I've said above it'd be highly appreciated if you could leave it off the staff application and PM me or just edit your above post, the last thing I want is for my application to get cluttered with arguments. Cheers mate.)

TL;DR - I think you're making me out to be a way worse guy then I actually am. I'm not a mass rule-breaker, and I'm not rude or angry all the time like you claim. You also break the rules yourself from time to time so you're in the exact same boat as I am. We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect. 


Thanks again for the response, and I hope you know that there are no hard feelings on my side despite your claims. If we both end up getting trial mod, the last thing we need is negative biases towards each-other, so I hope we can work things out if that becomes the case. 


Kind Regards,

baked beans

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Except you didn't just lightly tap me off. Other people saw you and agreed that you tried to kill me and they would of killed you themselves if I hadn't done it. Even if I was in the wrong, you would of still knowingly revenged RDM'd which is breaking the rules, just because one person breaks the rules doesn't mean others should. Also the whole "you're a VIP you should know the rules"... just because somebody has donated doesn't mean they know the rules. As for why you'd use a barrel to kill instead of shooting? no noise for one. It would of hidden my body too as it would of fallen off, which is a smart thing for a T to do. I don't have you confused with other another player, and I'm sure there's probably a handful of people out there that would agree with me about those other facts. I'm not saying you're like it all the time but I've seen it often enough that I thought it was worth mentioning. Getting pissed at rules breakers is really not the best attitude for a staff member to have. The best thing for a staff member is to stay level headed. I honestly don't care that much that you RDM'd me, you've applied for staff and asked for criticism so I'm just sharing what I've seen so the staff can make the best decision when deciding weather or not to accept your application.

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I've got to say baked, from my experience with you on the server you won't make a good staff member for various reasons.


- You Argue when your slayed (Even after it's explained)

- You do Revenge RDM

- You are easily enraged

- You have been known to target

- You have demonstrated a lack of understanding to the rules


I don't have an issue with you personally. You are usually an alright guy, however I've had to explain to you a few times one slay because you don't agree with them. You argue about it on the server, and don't take the initiative to go to a higher up and ask them about it. Now this occurs because when you report a player you say one thing, which the logs prove wrong then when you are slayed, you try to add extra information. While yes staff can use that extra information it is not required, most of us go off what you put in reports which you have demonstrated you do not understand this properly.


I have also seen you go off at Travesty a trial mod (at the time of posting this) because he slayed you, and you called "False slay" I looked at the report myself, and then went through it and found that I would of slayed you as well, as you were in the wrong. 


I've also noticed you have lied in the past, you can deny this all you would like man, this is my observation. As in one report I did where I slayed you claimed you saw them do something, after I slayed you that you didn't mention in the report. Now, I looked at the death scenes, and you never did see them.


From my observations of you on the server you need to work on a few things before you are ready to become a staff member these include


- Being more chill on the server

- Don't target certain players

- Don't cause a scene if you disagree with a slay, talk to another staff about it or have it explained. End of story

- Don't claim "RDM" when you are RDMED because you have been known to RDM others. Usually revenge

- Don't Revenge RDM, Gather proof and report it.

- Read the rules, and learn them. Also understand that all the rules are enforced by the staff at their own discretion (even mentioned in the rules)

- Follow what you preach

- You have "petty" moments, where you spite someone because of something


In regards to your comment above as well, you shouldn't have revenge RDMED. Also I find that if you are pushing someone that is right next to the ledge even if it's a nudge most people tend to attack. Also the logs don't always show the prop damage, it is possible you did damage Psycho.


"An eye for an eye" - This means, If someone does you wrong, you do them wrong. This is NOT a system that is used on TTT, Well not on this TTT server. Please keep this in mind in the future. As a VIP You should know better then revenge RDMing, and you should know to get proof of what happened and report it so it can be dealt with (Your Words roughly.)


With the whole "Petty" moments, I am talking about when something doesn't go your way you go off at the player or staff in question. A Great example is your staff application. When Psycho put a -1 on your App, you went and modified your +1 on hers, to a -1 and completely changed your response, which granted is all good and fine, but it looks completely Petty like "Ohh you didn't give me a +1 and I gave you one, so I guess i'll change it to a -1" It makes you seem childish which is another factor you need to work on.



Please, note this is all criticism and what I have observed, in my time on the server with you. I wish you luck with this application, but you have a lot to work on. I know you may not notice you've done some of this, but that's why I've mentioned it. It's a -1 from me.


Good Luck

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