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Jargoons' is scared

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Steam Name:   Jargoons

Steam ID:     STEAM_0:1:22052087

Reason for Ban:   "MRDM"

Staff Member Who Banned You:  Taylor

Ban Length: Permanent


My appeal:


I was banned for "mass RDM" after throwing a shock grenade as a detective. It happened on dolls map about 10 or 20 mins ago.


I thought shock grenades were only meant to trip people. I immediately threw a health grenade because I know they can cause minor damage. I'm not sure who was killed but I wasn't reported and some of those involved seemed amused based on the voice chat exchange. A traitor threw a banana around the same time too, so I wonder to what extent I was credited for their deaths erroneously.


I appeal on the grounds that:


  • I threw a shock. I didn't go around RDMing people en masse and I wasn't targeting anyone in particular.
  • I've been shocked and frozen many times by detectives and I thought this was okay. No staff have ever warned me or others about this so far. These are new weapons and we still haven't figured out quite what is allowed or how they can be used.

  • I've been at Flux for a while and those who are familiar with me know I play a cheeky game but I am harmless. Being perma'd for throwing a shock grenade and labelled a "mass RDMer" isn't consistent with what happened in the game and I think it's obvious my intention was not to mass RDM given above.


On a side note I'd like to suggest someone either fixes the shock grenade, or you remove it from the detectives shop if we can't use it. Unlike an inno frag, you can't precisely target players and the reach is huge. Unlike incens, you can't easily escape a shock grenade. Once it's done, it's done, and anyone could be banned for mass RDM if their shock grenade reaches enough people.

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You are permanently banned for multiple reasons:


You have been banned many times before


You were banned for meta-gaming


You constantly disobey rules when staff are online and offline


You purposely do these actions knowing the intentions and fully aware of the result

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You have been banned many times before



You are referring to karma bans which don't say anything about my respect for the game or other players. I have frequently been banned for killing late-night RDMers when the server is unmoderated (usually American players from what I can tell). I've also been karma banned for getting into crowbar battles and other silly things with friends. This doesn't harm anyone and I shouldn't be judged for it when discussing an issue like this. It is too hard for me to defend every ambiguous karma ban at this point. Furthermore, most players have karma bans, and I happen to know there are staff with a history of these too. It's just a consequence of being a regular player. It happens. Half the server deserves a ban if we're using karma bans as a standard now.




You were banned for meta-gaming



I have always denied this. I don't metagame, and I actually refuse to participate in official Discord chats because it does my head in trying to listen to two feeds. As you may remember, I spoke to Menace raising my concerns about this ban because it didn't add up. As it happens, it expired before anyone could really look into it.


The meta-gaming ban was because I entered the T room with a group of my friends. At no point did any of us exchange details about who was a T. As you can imagine, when you are friends with people on a server, it is fun to follow them and mess with them.


I often get let into T rooms with groups of other players. It's a common gag.




You constantly disobey rules when staff are online and offline





Can you cite examples?


I admit I do goomba stomp AFKs every so often, and when the server is quiet, I sometimes get into barrel wars with friends. At no point do I compromise the peace of the server or hassle other players who do not want the attention.


I'm not aware I break any rules in a way that is more significant than any other player. Most of the time I am holstered and I run around maps looking for hiding spots. I have a reputation for dying early on in rounds due to incompetence. 





You purposely do these actions knowing the intentions and fully aware of the result



If I was to purposefully mass RDM, would I throw a shock grenade, an item that isn't meant to be fatal? Would I then also throw a health grenade? Obviously not. My behaviour isn't consistent with mass RDM and I think it is difficult to argue otherwise.


I don't purposefully seek to upset players. I thought that I was on good terms with most of the staff. I've been at the server for about a year now, I'm among the top 30 active players, and I used to raise my concerns in Discord if I thought something bad was happening on the server. I'm disappointed that I'm being described as a problem player when I thought you guys enjoyed my company on the server as much as any other regular player.

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I don't recall the store description. I knew that it could cause collision damage, which is why I threw a health as well. I've since learned that on some maps it kills.


If I were to mass RDM I think I'd probably use a frag or a jihad. I always thought shocks were just so you could gimp players an then shoot 'em.

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