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  1. Two incidents this week. Several days ago I joined. The map was Sunday Street. I killed a person and they reported me, so I went back and discovered they were a T. They had no T sign or red glow in game. At the end of the round, one other T buddy was complaining about "traitors not appearing as traitors". Just now I had the same problem. Joined the game, ran up to a guy (Infowars) and killed him. He was not appearing as a traitor in the player list, had no T above his head, and no red glow, but was identifiable as a T when pressing E on the body. This is obviously not a one-off incident and so far the mods at the server (at the time of these incidents) seem unaware / have no sympathy about it and won't talk about it. It's actually getting stupid now. :salty: I've noticed each time it has happened, two things have been the same: the game seems to be 'stuck' for a few seconds in that the countdown works and people are talking but I can't move and I am frozen, and this also only seems to happen when I've spawned in as a traitor. I can confirm it doesn't just happen to me and I don't have this problem anywhere but Flux. It seems to be recent because I've been on Flux since last year and I've only noticed it now.
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