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George for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85838981

Age: 21

Current Server Level: 39

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Higashi


About George:


I am George aka Gazza aka PolarVenus aka Gary. I am extremely well known and popular on the server. I have 3 PhDs and in my spare time I enjoy reading philosophy books because my brain is so fucking big. I have over 2500 hours on Garrys Mod because it is an extremely intellectual game and stimulates me mentally. I am very active on the discord also. 



Reason for Application:


I think adding me to the staff team would be very beneficial as I know all the rules and I am ready to bring down justice upon those who break them, especially the other corrupt moderators. I often play at times where there are staff online however they do nothing with reports because they are too busy RDMing and circlejerking in the Innocent Motel traitor room. 




Previous Experience:


I used to admin on both Pooseidon and Voxel ttt and now I am looking to complete the trinity. Additionally, I have a Blue Card so i am legally able to deal with the retards of flux.  Also i have literally worked at disabled schools so I reckon I am all over it.



Additional Comments:


i am not gay


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+1. I have staffed with George before and can testify he is an extremeley effective and judicious moderator. It is very evident he is aware of the rules and he is able to use sensible discretion to handle reports appropriately and fairly. He is well-mannered, informed, and a great role model for the Flux community. I think he would make a fine addition to the staff team.

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+1. he has proven to be incredibly intellectual (i mean just look at his profile picture), he would be fit for the extremely prestigious role of Senior overseer of mods and all. I have no doubt in my mind that he would single handedly be able to clear comms in times of need (this is absolutely require in this position). 

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+1 the best soldier part of Cummer Squadron on Terran Republic ive had the pleasure of serving with. With out forces combined we steam roll the competition adding to our collection of owned territory.


He'd probably be a good mod too if i had to guess.   


btw i need a medic still

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Love this funny guy, he has the good aim and alongside with that he has his own little cringe personality which makes me cringe. I love hearing this guy bitch and complain constantly in the voice chat. It would be great if u had him gifted the power to tyrannise the server or sumn.

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As ex manager of voxel ttt, this man was one of the most eloquent and understanding staff members I had ever encountered. He was like a herding dog the way he elegantly rounded up all the spergs on the server and controlled them with ease......

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