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Small Arms!

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hey cuties

been playing on the server for a little bit now, but yea kinda felt like doing one of these.

hey, I’m small arms, been playing Gmod since i was about 11, and first became a TTT mod on Poseidon at the ripe age of 12 years old, may have lied on my application saying i was 13, but who was gonna know. I played a lot on Poseidon, hopping between TTT and Murder then migrating to Voxel, definitely have seen a couple of familiar faces from the old days on the server which has been pretty lovely. Had a solid year or two break, but now having a bit of spare time on my hands decided to hop back on the old TTT grind. 

But yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, not much else, hold on we're going home by drake is the best song of all time and I'm looking forward to becoming more active and involved in the community. 

Have a blessed day


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