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Mar1o for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:180720892

Age: 16

Current Server Level: 28 (Puppeteer)

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Nick


About Mar1o:


I'm currently on school 2 month summer break and I'm mostly active all day since it's covid. I'm a counter-striker with 7 years old laptop and I'm currently working on a Defuse map rn

I used to draw a lot since my family's doing some Art business  and most of our customer are Australians and I get to be the translator for my family but now I just play Gmod and play csgo since there're not a lot of tourist during covid When I was younger TF2AU server teaches me English cuz Thailand Education is really bad so, Valve game teaches me English mostly. I knew about gmod on youtube when I was  7 . Gmod stop motions used to be very popular during that time Until I actually got the game I was really Excited to do stuff in Gmod until i found TTT and thats why im here




Reason for Application:


Even its my first time applying for i mod. I think I can take care of late night gamers since I'm from SEA and my time zone is 4 hour earlier.



Previous Experience:





Additional Comments:


Thank you for reading


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This is honestly the worst application I have ever seen

The colours look like shit and your two recommendations aren't even staff members


As for you actually applying for staff, you honestly don't deserve it. You don't understand basic rules and you harass members of the community


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I don't usually give feedback on forums like this unless it's positive, but this has got to be the worst choice to pick for someone to become a member of staff.

Like how @ lux  stated, you are infamous for rdm which clearly means you have no regard over the rules. And I can very well see how you can abuse your powers and ruin the server; and not only that, the amount of verbal and text abuse you give to people is incomprehensible.

I'm not saying you have to be perfect as I'm sure we have all had our fair share of rdm and banter, but you take it a step too far.



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