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  1. actually thought you were generic on an alt but maybe not
  2. STEAM_0:0:42735865 took a bit to find but i got it
  3. Incident occurred on TTT, at 08/05/21 3:00am GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465 Reported Player: eshay (idk) Description of incident: Sorry for the lack of information about the person. Early this morning they were constantly blatantly rdming innocents, traitors and probably detectives. Surprised they didn't get karma banned tbh. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/s9D5Tgq
  4. Realised I hadn't done one of these yet. Hi. My name is Nick. Been an Active part of this community for a while now. Dating back to early 2019 when I started playing. My interest are sound engineering and playing Gmod unfortunately. I'm currently in Year 10 in school and live in a very remote part of Australia which gives me nothing else to do than talk to you guys. 6'1 Fav food is probs chicken meatlovers pizza. (random but felt necessary. oh and I live basically live off salt and vinegar chips) With majority of the server being friendly and wholesome is why I've stuck around for so long so < 3 love you guys for that. Anyways thought I would quickly do one of these and yep, see you on the server.
  5. steals all my fluxbux unlike lots of people, you aren't toxic, very easy to get along with. frequently active on discord and vc +1 from me
  6. not really lol. I get a few slays here and there for rdm, obv by mistake but, never intentionally kill someone, but everyone makes mistakes lmao.
  7. was talking bout both of you, just replying to camerons thing
  8. Sorry Cameron but I don't agree with you trying your hardest to ruin dev's reputation just so you can continue bullying children and just people in general in the community. Oh and I don't think genuinely accusing a regular player on the server of pedophilia (not dev) is a good look for you, kinda ruins your reputation and credibility a bit. Also just because dev has different political views that may be controversial to you, that doesn't make him a racist.
  9. i think fire burning takes away enough vision as it is
  10. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465 Age: 16 Current Server Level: 36 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Nick: Being My Second Time Running For Staff I Have Stated Most About Myself In My Prior Post But Just For The Record I Will Give Everyone a Quick Recap. My In-Game Name is Xelly (Formerly Known as Nick). I Have Been Playing on Flux Servers for Around 2 Years and Since Then and Since My Last Application Have Been Dedicating a Lot of My Free Time to The Server, Not Only Through Gameplay But Also Effects (which will come in the near future hopefully). I'm Currently Gaining Experience in Multiple Aspects of The Digital World, From Sound Engineering to Graphic Designing to Coding, I've Been Trying to Incorporate That Throughout the Server and Also Gain Some Knowledge From People Like @ Nekota and @ Menace Who are Already Quite Knowledgeable On The Subject. Reason for Application: I Enjoy Playing TTT and What Makes It Even Better is This Server and The Community. This Server is The Most Customized Garry's Mod Server I Have Ever Seen, Almost Everything Except For The Maps Have Been Handmade For The Server Which Gives It Such a Unique Feel and Makes The Experience Even Better, Making People Want to Come Back The Next Day and Keep Playing. Unlike A Lot of Other Servers I Have Played on This One Actually Asks For Feedback and Suggestions To Help Towards Improving The Server For Everyone Else. The Reason I Am Choosing to Apply For Mod Again Is Because I Want To Help Out The Community Through Whatever Means Possible and Mod Seems Like a Role In Which I Could Achieve That. The Current Staff Team Already Do a Pretty Good Job At Helping Out But I Feel As Though Another Member To Their Team Wouldn't Hurt. I Am Regularly Active In-Game as Well As Discord. Near 100hrs Playtime in The Last 7 Days Seems Quite Active To Me. Previous Experience: No Previous Experience, This Would Be a First. Additional Comments: When I Made My Last Mod App I Was Kinda New to Discord and Didn't Really Use It But Since Then Have Grown To Use it And Actually Like it So I'm On At Least Everyday.
  11. Neutral - Seem like a decent guy to play with and very friendly. My only concern is your activity towards the server and community. 26mins playtime in the last week isn't too good of a sign. Best of luck tho.
  12. gonna have to use that mic more often 👁👁 Neutral
  13. would like to see it. maybe. +1
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