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TwiiTcheZ v for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198135415840 / STEAM_0:0:87575056

Age: 18

Current Server Level: Level 25

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Kat


About TwiiTcheZ v:


Hello,  My name is TwiiTcheZ v, T v or, A Cute GF and I've been playing on this server for a while now, I joined back some time back in 2018 I don't remember how much time I had played on the old server but I think I had logged around 4 days of play time. On the current server I have logged another 4 days of play time and really enjoyed the time I've played on the server.

My skills include; Terrible humor, I can cook pretty good if I do say so myself, I have previous experience with moderating servers (ulx commands ect), rational decision making and I can make unbias decisions.

As for what I do when I'm not playing the server I'm usually playing League of Legends or OSU, watching anime,  or building Gunpla as a hobby.

I'm also currently attending some tertiary education as a AutoCAD design course student which is kinda fun

What got me into Gmod? I got into Garry's mod back when I was probably 11 or 12 when I used to watch SeaNanners back in the day. I got really interested in prop hunt and TTT the latter I ultimately chose to be my gamemode of choice and I believe about 3/4 of my nearly 2000 hours have been on TTT servers.



Reason for Application:


My reason for applying for a staff position is recently the community has noticed a lack of staff moderating the server and I believe I can help solve the situation, I also wanted to apply on the previous version of server back in 2018+ but was recommended against doing so due to an influx of new staff members at the time. I believe I could help with reports and/or other in game issues. I also remember liking taking care of my old server and I think I can enjoy moderating a server again if you'll have me.



Previous Experience:


I have experience with moderation on TTT servers dating back to 2015~ when I became a moderator on NextGen Gaming (NGG)TTT. I also have some experience using ULX and I believe that I can adjust to using the SAM console. I was the first staff member to apply when NGG TTT server had rebranded and relaunched as NextGen Gaming. I believe I can adjust to a new TTT manager like SAM as well.

Its been around 5 years since I've moderated but I'm really excited to try it out again!



Additional Comments:


One of my recent Gunpla kits I finished. A fun hobby

Yes this is the same as my profile pictures :3



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+1, Very active and definately seems to have the experience and skills required to fit the staff team, from what ive seen he has no issues with any current players and due to how frequently he plays would make a much needed addition to the moderator team as we definately need more active staff.


Best of luck with your application

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