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Ban appeal

flux amen

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Steam Name: flux amen

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:98331921 

Reason for Ban: RDM

Staff Member Who Banned You: Emma

Ban Length: 5 Days

Your appeal: 

1st RDM: Firstly, the round just started and first thing i hear are 2 gun shots and i immediately ran to check to see whats up. I open the door and i see a player run across and theres 2 UN ID'ed bodies and all I see is the guy coming from the same direction. Unfortunately I did not actually ID the bodies and shot the guy instantly and killed him and he was a T. 

2nd and 3rd RDM: Now the 2nd and 3rd rdm are linked to each other. Its been a few minutes now and everyone is gathered together in the middle and all of sudden I see people shooting each other and I do not start to shoot anyone yet until things are confirmed. I go to ID 2 bodies that was killed by a person who i thought was innocent but in fact they were traitors as seen in the logs. suddenly someone shoots and I did not see the body quick enough and the attention was paid elsewhere so I decide to shoot the guy that shot FIRST right? I thought he was the Traitor and decide to kill him but in doing so, someone ran across and got in the crossfire so i actually killed the guy that ran into bullets and the other guy who shot at me first.

Is first time so wondering if there could be some adjustments to ban length

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