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truth for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70487059

Age: 19

Current Server Level: 39

Recommendation(s) from Staff:

mr pickles 

someone who wishes to be anonymous  could be menace

About truth:


It's everyone's favourite flux shitposter, Truth. I've been a member of the server for quite a while now and I reckon it's about time I applied. 
When i'm not on the server, I'm usually on the flux discord, so i'm still apart of flux in my spare time. The thing that got me into gmod is probably what got most other people, and that is my friends. 

i personally like playing games that dont take as much skill so i dont make others have no fun because i am too good.

Reason for Application:

I've always enjoyed spending my time on the server except when i'm not. And when i'm not, it's usually when there's rdming, metagaming etc. I've always hated the idea that a filthy rdmer could get away with such a horrible act. I also think handling reports and bringing justice will be very fun, and will be a good way to spend time whilst waiting for the round to end.

some of the mods have played once a month and others dont do reports so personally im too fit for mod

Previous Experience:


i learned the fnaf lore. i was a ttt mod for flx.gg  



Additional Comments:

i have actively avoided rdm and respected all staff


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