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corn's Discord Appeal


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Server: Discord

SteamID: vani.la#8769

Reason for ban: "racial slurs"/"nsfw"

Issuing staff member: Monk

Ban length: 1-2 days



no evidence of any actions, i did not do what was said, furthermore i have been chat restricted for way too long and no evidence has been provided of why i was chat restricted.
I feel as if i have been persecuted, similar to how the aboriginals were when the british colonized australia.

i request,humbly, that i get unbanned.

it is not my fault my muscles are huge and my wallet is fat.

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your chat ban will remain active for the small amount of time remaining. you may request evidence for your ban in discord. Apologies the small note of "(banned player may request evidence)" was not attached to message related to your ban in #flux-server-punishments.

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