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foyb's Ban Appeal

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Name: foyb fuck flux NitroRP.gg imahoe

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:60237263

Reason for being banned: Change your name/metagame for 7 days

Both absolute horseshit as my name was Tay-K (not Taylor) specifically so I didn't get banned and I didn't have any of my friends on the server so the metagame thing is also bullshit. Initially I was only banned for the reason "change your name" for an hour and when I went to rejoin (I thought it was a joke) it was extended to a week with a new reason.

Staff Member who banned you: Taylor

Ban Length: 7 days

Your Appeal: Because I didn't do what the ban reason states I did and therefore, it is invalid (no shit). Other people also got banned such as a person whose name was legitimately Taylor (taylorIX or something along those lines) for an hour to change their name. In case the admin didn't know, people's names aren't unique and particularly, the name Taylor is a popular unisex name that many Caucasians call their children.

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You were banned for harassing a player, a staff member, you were gagged constantly and you decided to change your name to "taylor" even though you saw 3 other people get warned/banned for it.


First of all, I'm appealing against you so I hope you're not overseeing the case as well. Which staff member are you referring to as? I'm not idiotic enough to harrass an admin, especially ones that can't moderate a server properly. I was gagged constantly for spamming music and that was long before i was banned, I changed my name to Tay-K (not Taylor) and it's in my profile history as well. You stated the reason was only for the name initially, which isn't a valid reason as my name wasn't Taylor, then changed it to metagame (which harrassment, if that was the case, isn't) so I really don't see where you have a leg to stand on.

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I have look in to what happened and found you deserve to be banned for 7 days.




I don’t mind waiting it out, but at the very least I’d like it if next time the bans issued are: valid for the reason stated and not having the reason as metagame when it wasn’t the case. I also explicitly remember Taylor (the admin in question) harrassing another player after said player killed him during his T round for “metagame”, because he had a  friend on the same server so that’s all Im saying (and even I didn’t have anyone I know online) and I’d appreciate it if admins wouldn’t use the excuse of “metagame” to harrass the players.


Thanks for looking into the case.

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