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Hello All

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Hi everyone TheDevastator05 here. Just call me Deva since its easier.


Despite my appaling abilty to aim due to years of not playing and just all around sucking at most games I play, I was Ex Staff and eventually worked my way up to Server manager of Poseidon TTT .Most of the hours I've clocked up on Gmod have been from TTT and I believe that I am quite familiar with the core game but I equally enjoy learning new things and all the custom content Flux provides so far has been a refreshing experience for me from the usual Vanilla stuff. Although being new to Flux I have already come across some people who recognised me from my previous endeavours and community and I look forward to getting to know a bunch of new people. 


It disappointed me to see how much of Australias Gmod Playerbase has disappeared and I am looking forward to making Flux my new home for the forseeable future as I missed the TTT community and scene in general. For those newer people I look to be someone who can help to show the ropes to this game and help them as much as possible.


Completely not gaming related I work on cars for a living and currently have a daily and 1 Project car going to keep me occupied while this annoying pandemic is a thing that exists and I also do a bit of photography and play the piano to give myself something to do in the meantime when my cars arent playing ball.


Im more of a Forum lurker so expect to see the majority of my posts on here as im not a big fan of discord and how it works as its too easy to lose track of posts and comments there although ill do my best to help anyone on there if they need it and to give feedback/suggestions on the odd occasion.


Look forward to playing with everyone and expect to see me around quite a bit.  



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Nice introduction, are you the one that has an 05 in his name because it's a number from a race car or something or was that a different person?

Hope to see more posts from you and more introductions from others.

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In my short time I've interacted you seem like a top bloke, nice to still see some like-minded people around. You definately should join in on the discord voice channels we usually have a few people at all times. Good to meet the regulars 

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