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Rod the Animator's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:103401523

Reason for ban: Toxicity, I assume.

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Permanent



I am sorry for getting off on the wrong foot and calling Aeyon a pedo, upsetting him to the extent that any amount of shit I throw in the vicinity of this person, automatically results in a ban. Unsure anyone else really had a problem with me. If that's it, I'll just shut up and behave like a good boy, ok?

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Im all for second chances and even some after that, but for you I make an exception. Of all the people in this community, you are one that will contribute the least, I say this not out of hate or dislike but as a point I personally see as a fact. You:

  • Send death threats
  • Try to groom any and all women that join the server
  • You create a whole new meaning to the word 'Creep' when you DM members personally and try to flirt with them
  • Are an obnoxious presence to both staff and the community at large
  • Create an atmosphere that makes people feel wrong, which until you proved it, I didnt even know was possible.

I cannot -1 you enough sir, I am very sorry

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It was already stated why you received this ban and just as expected you ignored that and instead are now trying to shift the narrative that I banned you solely because of what you have done to me which is entirely false as your ban was the direct result of your own actions, allow me to make a list of my own as to why this second ban appeal will also be  DENIED  

  1. Your constant creepy actions towards people (both staff and non staff) 
  2. Death threats.
  3. Harassment/Abuse.
  4. Always creating drama for no reason.

Do not attempt to appeal this ban for a third time.

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