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LopSopDoy for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198096804873/

Age: 20

Current Server Level: 16

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About LopSopDoy:

Hello I am 18 Naked Cowboys, I like playing Garret's Mod. I go to uni. My favourite food is ravioli. 


Reason for Application:

I am interested in applying for staff as I am often online when staff aren't or they are just being lazy and not doing reports. Given the rampant RDM prevalent within this community I believe that further action needs to be taken to protect our players, and I am the one to fulfil this role. 


Previous Experience:

I was an ADMIN on Pooseidon TTT and Voxel TTT where I was highly revered and respected. My multiple accolades can be accounted for by anyone who was present during this time. I have a number of serious references such as HFOC and george. I am familiar with the rules. Most people would say I am a competent judge and juror.


Additional Comments:

Since my previous ban for "Mass RDM" I have done a complete 180 and I am a role model citizen for the Flux playerbase. I am understanding and benevolent but capable of extreme prejudice when dishing out the bans.

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1 minute ago, ℂCasaℕNova | tneconni |;-;| said:


legit just called me Brain dead 10 mins ago.

As shown in this example, I am capable of using the server lingo to familiarise myself with and build relationships with the playerbase.

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