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Old TTT Changelog

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The [TTT Changelog]



-Added three new weapons: AEK VOLK, NV4 and IMR

-Fixed scoping issue with all weapons

-Fixed cannibalism exploit

-Fixed issues with certain weapons when shooting



-Weapon re-balance.

-Prototype re-work



- Removing stun grenade from detective

- Added kill notification to SpecDM

- Weapon Re-balance In SpecDM

- Added 19 new maps

- Fixed a bug that would crash the server



- New grenades

- Riot shield for detectives

- Position swap gun for Traitors

- Removed spread from  silent pistol



- Updated Gmod servers to newest version

- Recoded ttt_weapon base

- RDM Manager now has a minimum of 25 characters to open/reply 

- Moved TTT servers to the flux dedicated server

- TTT #2 Now has 24 player slots

- Reduced the amount of weapon tracers that come out of the guns

- Improved clients FPS  

- Fixed Crash screen

- Fixed lagging issue

- Fixed snipers

- Fixed Perm issues

- Fixed SpecDM outline

- Fixed Hitreg

- Fixed SpecDM hitboxes



- Improved Suppressed Glock hit registration

- All Suppressed secondary pistols no longer have tracers

- Map vote GUI will no longer reset if players join while map vote is up



- Coin Flip should refund you before map change

- Fixed Spectator death match 

    - Fixed no kill streak sound

    - Fixed records not saving

- Fixed weapon tracers not showing

There will be a tracer every single bullet now, this will make it easier to tell who is shooting you.



- Fixed a bug that made it possible to destroy T/D Equipment while in Spectator deathmatch.



- Nerfed nyan gun 

It now shoots slower and does less damage.



- TTT #2 Is now a full copy of TTT #1 the only difference is the IP.

The databases are sync to each other thats mean you will have all your stuff on both servers.



Since adding the new playermodels we have been experiencing client-side crashing.

To remedy this I have fully disabled all player models and will slowly re-enable then one by one.

Thank you for understanding.



- Models in Pointshop have been changed!

  - New models in Pointshop, take a look!

  - Old models that are staying are: Defalt, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Anon and Daedric



Staff note: We decided to change most of the player models mainly due to hitboxes. We found that different heights of models effected hitboxes greatly, along with parts of models blocking hitboxes. We also decided that it was time to update the cosmetic look of our server and what better way than to change the models. If you are worried about your pre-existing models vanishing, don't. Your models will be replaced with one of equivalent value automatically.   



- Nerf/Buffed new Weapons



- Added new crate: Atomic, which contains new weapons!

  - Scorpion EVO

  - M4A4 Howl

  - M4A1 Hyper Beast

  - Suppressed Glock

  - AK-47 Bloodsport

- Fixed a bug where ragdolls would not spawn in Spec DM

- Various bug fixes

- Nyan gun is back



- Spectator deathmatch bug fixes. 

1. You can no longer kill players in specdm if you are alive.

2. You can no longer see player names in specdm if you are alive.



- Server hit registration has been improved!

- Crowbar bug fixed

- Nyan gun is disable due to a bug



- Added new playermodel (ClickMe)



- Fixed exploit with coinflip



- Multicore rendering will now wait 30 seconds before automatically enabling. if you have agreed to it

- New chat command !mc     this will enable/disable multicore rendering

- You have 20% faster movement when holstered

- You have 50% faster movement when using ghost_crowbar(spectator deathmatch)



- Added a lethal slot to inventory ( Currently only use for grenades )

- Jump pack removed

- VIP items are now tradable

- Loads of exploits fixed ( Thanks Martin )

- Top Players time now displays 500 players was 200

- No longer see the blue outline on Detectives when in spectator deathmatch

- Jihad will remove itself on drop

- Server Tickrate is now 100

- Server performance optimisations

- Server IP change



- Added text colour to the T/D Testers

- Added a pop up to enable multicore rendering



- The TTT server is undergoing changes to improve performance so you will see stuff missing.

Don't worry I do have plans to add most of the stuff back.



-Top Players time now only displays 200 players was 500

-Custom Ragdolls are disabled for testing

-Improve the hit reg with the predator blade

-Server performance optimisations

-Bug Fixes



-Server IP changed (All Servers)

-Added Banana Bomb (T Equipment)

-Added Predator Blade (T Equipment)

-Added Flashbang (T/D Equipment)

-Added Homerun Bat (T/D Equipment)

-Special Rounds: One In The Chamber fixed (Now spawn with Born Beast)

-Bug fixes



-Added Bomb Station

-Added Slow Motion at the end of a round

-You can now see your feet

-Traitor buddies now glow red, including through walls

-Detectives now glow blue when you can see them

-Weapons and Ammo Boxes are frozen on spawn, but can be moved

-Added Special Rounds

-Added Server Board to the TAB menu

-Bug fixes



- Pointshop2 updated

- New TTT2 Server.

TTT2 is a copy of the main server all the data is sync across both servers.

e.g. pointshop2, ranks, bans and more.



- Traitor sentry gun damage fixed



- All weapons have been re-coded

- There is now a penalty to accuracy when jump shooting

- shitloads of new weapon variables



- Moved TTT server to dedicated server

- Fix sprays



- Added innocent frag grenade



- Reduce the chance of the server crashing at the end of the round

- Props are no longer affected by C4 explosion same for the Jihad



- Fixed loads of map exploits

- Garrys mod update

- TTT Ranks are now sync across fluxservers

- Loads of bug fixes



- Accessories EG hats, backpack and boosters are disabled



- New Weapon Pack

- Decreased amount of rounds 

- Mapvote bug fix that crashed the server on map change



- Updated Addons



- Due to the frequent crashes I will be temporarily disabling Playermodels, Weapons and Addons.



- TTT Server has been moved to the flux sydney VPS

- Better server hardware ( CPU i7 6700k ) 



- Added 10 New maps

- Spiderman gun is now disabled on certain maps

  This is to stop players exploiting the maps

- Jump pack is now disabled on certain maps

  This is to stop players exploiting the maps

- Bulkcannon Nerfed

- Aqua playermodel has been disabled due to server crashing

- Updated Gmod server to the newest version

- Bug fixes



- Coinflip has been removed because of an exploit

- Increased inventory slots from 40 to 52



- Bulk Cannon rebalanced

- Coinflip is back!!

- Decreased the total amount of rounds from 8 to 6

- Garry's Mod update 20/04/17

- New map vote system

- Special rounds currently disabled due to crashing



Increased the total amount of rounds from 7 to 8

- Innocents can no longer hang bodies



- Server has been moved to FluxServers VPS

- Coinflip has been temporarily removed due to server crashes

Increased the total amount of rounds from 5 to 7



- First round preparation timer increased from 50 to 60

- Round end time increased from 12 to 15

- Preparation timer increased from 8 to 15

- Bug fixes



- Changes have been made to the daily Rewards system

- New addon added special TTT rounds

- New players starting points is now 1,000 was 500

- AR15 spread decrease is now 0.028 was 0.033 

- Bug fixes

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