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Reporting STEAM_0:1:87526437 for Toxic Behaviour

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 04/23/21 About 17:00 GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:103401523

Reported Player: *Chinese Characters* Nekota (STEAM_0:1:87526437)


Description of incident:

Nekota insulted me and made fun of my lack of social skills, which I am very insecure about, and I feel as if it was a very rude and unnecessary remark of him.

He should AT LEAST have the dignity to apologize, and never do it again.

I am genuinely offended, he has no right coming to point out my flaws, in such a degrading way as this. Please talk to him.




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Mate, the ongoing attention seeking behavior is more annoying than pitiful and your growing obsession over me is just weird. If you're worried about how you interact with others, do me a favor and bother someone else.

Also PSA: Not all asians are "chinese"

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