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Flux Forums Changelog

13/01/2022Community Suggestions Integration

+ Introduced the new "ideas" feature where all suggestions will now take place
      · Will eventually replace the current suggestions chat on Discord - notifications of new ideas will be sent to the existing chat
      · Each suggestion will now have it's own thread for discussion to easily be kept track of
      · Every suggestion will have a status applied to it so everyone is easily updated

+ Discord integration and logins for forum accounts are back
+ Added new reactions to trial: +1, -1, omgtimthewizard
+ New, sleeker member hovercard design with quote feature

· Theme colouring tweaks and edits, reverted back to old background for the time being
· Sidebar on main page is no longer “sticky” and will remain static when scrolling

Known Issues:
- Profile music player too loud, awaiting default volume setting update before enabling


02/01/2022Forums Complete Overhaul 2022

+ Added new forums theme, unessential support for the classic theme will likely discontinue
      · For now the “legacy” theme can still be selected in the options at the bottom left of each page
      · Give feedback on the new forums

      · Forums background WILL be changed, as of now it is a placeholder
+ Added light and dark mode for forums
+ New community logo
+ Icon and rule overhaul for user badges and ranks
+ Added custom profile backgrounds

· Fixed aXen’s Server List plugin, after several failed updates
· Fixed profiles not initially loading properly after being opened

- Removed GIPHY from text editors


18/04/2021Major Software Update

+ Updated forums version and applied security patch, updated all addons
+ New forums background, more neutral and "dark mode" than the previous red

      · Let us know what you think via our forums or the Discord
+ Added custom icons to each main forum, these may be edited slightly in the future
+ Added additional windows on the main forums homepage

• Merged/removed and edited old and unused subforums
- Removed the minimally used Shoutbox, along with it's previously associated applications
   - This may make a return someday, but for now has been disabled


28/01/2020 - Major Software Update

+ Updated forums version and all addons
+ Improved forums Shoutbox, added GIPHY and a new method for private DMs
+ New General forum, "
Forum Games" - read rules before use


19/08/2018 - Homepage + Forums Complete Overhaul 2018

+ Added site homepage at fluxservers.net
+ New Flux Servers logo
+ New forums theme
+ Added new features such as a Shoutbox, Steam Group and Discord widget

• Changed forums layout


10/08/2018Major Software Update

+ Updated Forums Version


8/12/2017 - Site Login Rework + Reactions

+ Added Steam Login
+ Added new server board
+ Added the ability to like posts

- Removed old login method

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  • Wookie pinned this topic
  • 5 months later...

Big thankyou to @ Wookie on all his hard work on the forums. Below is a recap of what wookie has added, to the best of both his and my knowledge on the forums.


  • Added security patch to the forums
  • Profile songs (beta stages, may be replaced by another later down the track)
  • Added brand new theme flux 2022 edition
    • Emojis for forums/subforums
    • Better networking
    • Sleeker design
  • Forum Achievements (Ill be adding more as the forums progress)
  • Added in new server tracker (May be replaced down the line


  • Tweaked Ideas plugin setting and suggestions threads
  • Updated Awesome Member Hovercards plugin and edited theme to accommodate
  • Updated the forum rank structure to fit into new structure


  • Old profile songs (earrape)
  • Chatbox
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1/07/2022 - 3/07/2022


  • Content Team on the staff page
    • Community Developer
    • Designer
    • TTT Maps
    • Weapon Overseer
  • Added all new emojis to the forums
    • Winner, Yikes, Sad & MuchLuv
  • Added brand new badges
    • 100th Post (Achieved after posting 100 times)
    • 250th Post (Achieved after posting 250 times)
    • 400th Post (Achieved after posting 400 times)
    • 500th Post (Achieved after posting 500 times)
    • 1000th Post (Achieved after posting 1000 times)
    • Veteran (Manually given out, or user has been logged into forums for 730 days)
    • Management Badge (Manually given out)
    • Gametracker King Badge (Manually given out, earned by being top 5 on gametracker)
  • Added in some custom rank plaques (As you can see on this post)
  • Added in background sparkles to play around with for ranks.
    • Youl see me testing these from time to time
  • Added secondary group plugin


  • Updates rank plaques so secondary groups have an added plaque.
  • Moved forums to a better server
  • Moved around the forums a bit to bring a bit of a fresh feel back, tell me if you do/dont like.
  • Restyled all current ranks
  • Redid some webhooks for the discord/forums.
  • Fixed up some loose css code.
  • Updated hovercards



  • Get a better way of suggesting, probably going to remove the way current forum suggesting works.
  • QOL forum plugins
  • Add in alot more badges for players to progress to on the forums
  • New designs for ranks, background, and drop images.
  • Lighten background posts
  • Search for better server tracker
  • Forum re-haul.
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3/07/2022 - 8/07/2022


  • Added Issues and Suggestions loose template
  • Added TTT suggestion loost template
  • Added a Staff Section to the forums (Only staff can see)
    • Added icons
    • Logging cannot be viewed by normal users
  • Created Off topic sub forum
    • Creating shitposting section (go ham)
    • Moved forum games to off topic
  • Made a Donator Group for in game VIP's, hopefully soon to be verified for regular users.
  • New Badges:
    • Added a 'Well Followed' Badge
      • Added a 'Well Followed' milestone - recieve 15 followers
    • Added 14 & 28 concurrent day badges for the forums
      • Added Dedicated milestones for the 14 & 28 Days
    • Added 'Best Answer' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user whos post is the best answer 5 times gets the badge
    • Added 'Opinion Leader' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who recieves 100 'Winner' reacts gets the badge.
    • Added 'Much Loved' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who recieves 100 'MuchLuv' reacts gets the badge
    • Added 'Cult Leader' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who is followed by 25 different people gets the badge
    • Added 'WizardTheTim' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who recieves 100 'TimTheWizard' reacts gets the badge.
    • Added '2000th' Badge
      • Added a ruling of a user who posts 2000 times gets the badge
    • Added 'Current/Previous Developer' Badge (manual)
      • Users who were current/previous developers of the community will be awarded this badge
    • Added 'Emoji King' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who recieves 500 follows gets this badge.
    • Added 'Talkative' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who posts 50 topics in the General Discussion forum
    • Added 'Suggestor' Badge
      • Added ruling of a user who posts 20 suggestions in the Issues and suggestions forum
  • Created 'Veteran' rank and badge to go with it
  • Created Banned user group, also made it so users within this group cannot access the site
  • Added 'Communication Servers' under Servers subforum
    • All information about the two will now go here.


  • Updated forums to latest version (thanks Menace)
  • Veteran badge renamed to Community Vet
  • Redone rank color scheme v1.01 + Added sparkles and effects to some


  • Removed wookies community suggestion webhook to the forums. (Hidden)
  • Hidden community suggestions in the TTT section
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  • 4 weeks later...

09/07/2022 - 31/07/2022


  • Added TTT suggestions button to link to suggestions chat
  • Added suggestion drop in menu manager, contains TTT, forum, discord and community sugestions
    • Added icon (thanks menace)
  • Added discord notifying to all suggestion topics that go to #community-suggestions
  • Added into the TTT category server bugs and issue sub category
  • Added discord notifying for the servers bugs and issue that go server-bug-issues
  • Added discord notifying in flux servers>store issues that goes to #admin-chat
  • Added a better description to the suggestions sub category
  • Added discord notification for the thread [TTT] change logs. It will now post a message in ttt-changelog
  • Added discord notification to community announcement. It will now post in #announcement
  • Added discord will be notified when someone creates a topic in the general (general )
  • Added discord will be notified when someone creates a topic in the 'off topic' and media (#memes-and-media)
  • Added logging for the forums. (On discord there is a chat called #forums-activitys)
  • Added communication logging section
  • added darkrp section;
    • announcements
    • Applications (including templates)
    • Suggestions (including templates)
    • General discussion
    • IC Discussion
  • Added DarkRP Staff sub group
    • Added them to staff directory
  • Added new graphics for DarkRP Staff
  • Added DarkRP suggestion tab to the menu manager
  • Created suggestion sub forums for both Forums and Discord server.


  • Edited moderation logging
  • Reworked suggestion forum in TTT
    • Added Accepted subforum
    • Added Denied subforum
    • Added pending subforum
  • Updated menaces rank on the forums to be more visually appealing
  • Changed all suggestion descriptions, I removed anything to do with posting issues.
  • Renew the forums license
  • Colour coded the suggestion notification to discord.
    • Red = TTT
    • Green = Discord or forums
  • Update servers descriptions
  • Improved layout on main page of widgets
  • Rewrite the HTML for the groups. Now we can easily set effects or really anything we want on any group
  • Changed effects back to what they were
  • Fixed forum permissions for all ranks on all the sub forums
    • Fixed forum permissions part 2
  • Changed TTT icon to colored textured
  • Edited communication servers section
  • Made formatting changes to the staff dir
  • Permission fixes for the DarkRP staff group


  • Disabled the ideas plugin
  • Removed the suggestion top bar for now (came back)
  • (Menace) Wasted 20 dollars on a plugin that doesn't work (hehehee, get fucked idiot)
  • Disabled the profile music plugin because of buggy behavior
  • Removed staff announcements on the forums not needed
  • Removed the discord on the right side for guest
  • Removed all the shit out off the announcement category
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