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Nathanial Bloddy Langcake's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:44157040

Reason for ban: misues of the trading discord subsection

Issuing staff member: Aeyon

Ban length: pernament (from the trading subsection)




I am appealing the trade chat ban on my discord account the queen of spain. I believe the punishment does not fit the crime and I would like the mods to take a closer look at this. All i did was reply the word eek in the trade chat in response to the guy asking for weed. I apologize for this however i thought the guy had posted this in general chat (it was stupid of me but I wasn't really paying attention at the time.) I don't believe a full ban from the trade chat is warranted, maybe a warning or being told that it  was inappropriate of me to post that  there, but a ban seems a bit much. I also believe my history in the discord which is very clean should speak to my character, with no prior negative blemishes on my account.

I would appreciate a couple of mods/admins having a look at my appeal before you decide, I don't really use the trade chat channel so it doesn't really impact that much, but if i ever do want to use it id like to have access back.

Thanks for looking at my appeal, Spain/Langcake.

EDIT: Thanks Mr. Aeyon for making the ban 1 week instead of permanent but i still would like it removed as i don't think even a 1 week ban is exactly fair


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ban length clarification
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