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Dumble's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:72991976

Reason for ban: "Cheating"

Issuing staff member: Debla

Ban length: Permenant




Okay so, I was banned for apparent "Cheating" by Debla, however this ban comes with little to NO evidence supporting this. I have been the target of many a players on this server, assumingly Debla, smittles and others alike all because I call them out for their BS (Possible) aim-bot and b-hopping and possible walls etc. However the damming piece of evidence which now apparently equates to a ban is this video right here... 


As you can see in the video I kill ONE person, and apparently that is enough evidence to receive a "Permeant ban for Cheating"

(I was told my flick looks sus however I also have a DPI of 4000 with my mouse sensitivity being almost as high as possible therefore I do tend to flick when I shoot (FLICKING DOES NOT MEAN CHEATING)

However there is no tangible evidence as to this being what I am assuming I have been banned for "Aim-Bot"


As you can see in the #flux server punishments - This is the ONLY piece of evidence given, however there are no signs of any cheats whatsoever being used here, no aim-bot no walls, nothing... I like to think I am good at the game with over 2,500 hours played and I have no prior bans or infractions ESPECIALLY for cheating on any other server as I DO NOT CHEAT. 


This was his response to me having complained about being banned... https://gyazo.com/9c3cd8fd489e72bda923d07187a74e37 (I apologize for my use of language in the discord as I was furious, hasn't been a great day)


I would be MORE than happy to provide any further evidence needed within the case and believe that this has been a huge mistake. I also request that a staff member not closely affiliated with Debla review this as I feel *bias* is a major reason I was banned. 

*Edited x 2* I would also like to point out another point which I forgot to add, IF I were to be indeed using cheats, do you not think I would have been able to kill the two other people as well? If I am not mistaken cheats like Aim-Bot are supposed to lock on to a target so you are able to shoot/kill them however I literally missed every shot I attempted on the last person in the video and failed to kill the first person I was shooting at in the video as well. 



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Adding in more reasoning as to HOW I AM NOT CHEATING
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