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A Complaint About Aeyon

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Aeyon is not suitable for being an admin in my opinion. He has shown clear bias in many situations, he refuses to listen to anyone trying to refute a situation. He bans, kicks and mutes anyone who disagrees with him. He is extremely overzealous as an admin and I have never seen an admin more disliked by a community. As an admin you should atleast be liked before given your position, this would create a much more friendlier and fun environment without people being banned and kicked for the simplest of things. Furthermore, he lacks communication and rarely uses his mic in game. Communication is one of an admins most important jobs, by staying up to date with the community and receiving feedback.

That is why, it is my belief that a 'poll' should be held on whether Aeyon should keep his position as an Admin, or at the very least acknowledge himself and give an effort to make himself into a better Admin that the community can like. This is not harassment, this is not defamation. This is completely my opinion and using my freedom of speech as a player to voice my concern.

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We actually don't have freedom of speech in Australia, you might be confusing it with freedom of expression.

Basically this is going to go nowhere, while Aeyons actions are questionable to say the least you need evidence to document what you find Aeyon has done wrong, this happens with alot of complaints against staff, no evidence, so even if someone did happen the management team cannot act on it purely out of a persons opinion. I suggest to you whenever a staff member acts up or does something you think is wrong, record it, screenshot it, document it somehow and refer it to one of the Senior Managers (Preferably Menace), and it will be looked over and reviewed to see if the staff member was in the wrong.

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