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Possibly more perks for donators/vip's?

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34 minutes ago, Nymodia said:

I'm all for more donor shit cause theres almost no point to donating anymore because of coin flips and levelling. But please no trails cause if i see your trail going away from a dead body ill dome you

Very true which is why they should do full reset but i guess there isnt any point as they're making entirely new server anyway i think and as for trails you couldn't of been more right its more of just an aesthetic addon.

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Hats might fuck with the hitboxes, custom is a donator friendly zone, meaning an unlimited amount of shit can be added to appease donators and regular players alike. The incentive to donate is currently waining, with the fact that people can more easily obtain items through hard progression and trading, it might be a good idea to delete old and unused guns/models and re-add new guns and models to create a new spark and incentive for donations, donator restricted models, titles and certain weapons like crowbars could be a major way to incentivise donations.

  • More melee skins restricted to donations
  • More model skins restricted to donations
  • Access to more donator orientated emojis via chat
  • Titles - Furious, Lethal, Deadly, Hitman. (Like the vanilla XP system has, but instead its based on how much you donated)
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