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Spladoink's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198895957107

Reason for ban: Mass Rdm

Issuing staff member: Aeyon

Ban length: Permanently



I apologised to those two innos i was det and they shot each other so killed the victor but the guy didn't report me, I killed the traitors cause I saw them do the act, and the last traitor was obvious cuz it was me and him. I was being a d***head yes but it twas all fun an games, I hoped for. this is the only good server I play, I actually play serious but when aeyon is on he finds me on silly mode. I'm actually sorry doe, If so could the ban at least be lifted to sometime that is not permanently.

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14 hours ago, Spladoink said:

I actually play serious but when aeyon is on he finds me on silly mode.

So you are going to justify your 7 Karma bans and 2 prior Mass RDM bans by saying you were in "silly mode" 

It's clear that you cant be trusted to play correctly as I have received many complaints about you.

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After looking at this appeal and evidence gathered, you have indeed been karma banned multiple times recently and have had 2 MRDM bans.

As I can't get full context of the latest incident, you will be given one last chance and put on probation (Break any rules *any that would result in a ban* and you will be permanently banned again without any chance to appeal).

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