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Aussie_Tanker for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198097643616

Age: 22

Total Hours Played on Flux: 296

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Taylor8380


About Aussie_Tanker:


Hey I have been playing garry's mod for 6 or 7 years now through the rise and fall of many servers but im in to most fps games so hit me up if you want to play
I took a bit of a break from garry's mod but im back and have too much spare time due to being stuck at home because of an injury so I'm usually always on the server or playing games
not really much else to say about myself as I'm currently not studying or working¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope I don't annoy too many of you by stabbing you.



Reason for Application:


Because I think that Having more staff is always good for a server to keep it in some kind of order and since I enjoy playing on the server I would like to help and keep that order.
I have noticed at certain times of the day there is no staff on and since I am able to play most hours of the day I would be able to fill in the slots of time when no one else is on 



Previous Experience (if applicable):


I have had staff on a few of the older ttt servers first was revlaks which shut down second was Arcadia and I have also been staff on this server before which I lost to inactivity as I stopped playing gmod because i needed a break.
I also have 2400 hours on gmod most of which is on ttt so I am quite familiar with the rules.





I can get pretty salty sometimes but if I have to I can restrain myself because Arcadia was pretty strict about that kind of thing.
If you need any more info just contact me on discord: AussieTanker#2151

Hope I get some consideration.

Thanks, AussieTanker.


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Had a feeling this was coming. He's fairly laid back, and can usually deal with stuff calmly as well as just chill to be around.  I have only just noticed you coming back online, but you pointed that out in your app so idk. In the period of time I have seen you online though, you have been very active on TTT. However, I've never seen you on the discord, in VC or in chat and I'm fairly active on both myself. I'm going to stay neutral because I think you need to be significantly more active than you are on the discord server but you're chill on TTT, and they cancel each other out. Anyway, neutral for now, but I wish you best of luck getting the position. 

Edit: you have eight messages on the server. Eight.

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-1, We don't need Arcadia people on this server, yucky!

You're not really selling yourself here, 

1. Arcadia ex-staff

2. Disappeared?????????? Last time you were staff on this server and admitted to inactivity on gmod as a whole.

3. Not active on the discord - your last message to the discord was from 2018 (That I can see)

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