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cameron's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198436278314

Reason for ban: ban evasion/ hacking

Issuing staff member: accel.

Ban length: perm



Im very sorry, im not gonna bullshit anymore i will tell you what happened. So pretty much what happened was last night my mate got me to download some shitty free cheat i think was a virus (i had to reset my pc lastnight) and we were idiots and went around cheating on all the gmod servers. I have never played ttt before but when i was cheating on it lastnight i found it to be a fun gamemode. So what happened today was i reinstalled gmod and got on my other account and wanted to come on and play without hacks, then i got banned for ban evasion. Im sorry for being a idiot and i will never download any cheats or cheat again. I would be grateful if you could give me another chance. I promise i will never cheat again on your server or any other servers it was just a 1 off. Again, im sorry for what i have done and it will never happen again.

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Cheatings just a bitch thing to do in general, like if you're sole intention is to troll around with hacks from server to server then it dosen't make it fun for the people that actually want to play. But your actions didn't really cause that much chaos and it was easy to spot you out and ban you.

+1 for a reduction to a week or two. You seem sorry and seemingly genuinely interested in the server and the community, id say welcome back as long as you never use any script, macro or cheat again.

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the name i know him by is radar, but thats the type of name he would use. He changes his steam name everyday. i think he got banned yesterday too. And yea hagashi i realise now how dog that was, at the time i was bored and just wanted to have some fun with my mate, but i got a virus while i was at it.

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