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Reporting STEAM_0:1:37759959 for Toxic Behaviour

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 08/25/19 10:17 AEST GMT+10.

My SteamID: 76561198156315703

Reported Player: Poizy (STEAM_0:1:37759959)


Description of incident:

I said to Hawkz, "you can call me Darth Vader" with my light saber out, Poizy then shoots me in the back and says "kill yourself".

Overall toxic player and was also mic spamming, claims he is "well known for RDMing" on the server








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While I do agree poizy is a toxic child who should be banned from playing the server forever, there is no real evidence that shows toxicity, no chat logs, no video recording. While I do believe Poizy did this, because he is the person that would do it, there is no evidence that shows it, only a log of your death to him.

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2 minutes ago, [IG] Larko said:

@Higashi are you blind

As he kills me he says "kill yourself"

I might be blind, dont mind me, but again. It's just Poizy saying 'Kill yourself' The most he's gonna get punished for is a slay and a warn.

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7 hours ago, Nymodia said:

Yes... That's what this is for. Toxic Behaviour is a reportable option for a reason. These reports are for stuff that happens without mods online. You should know this.

The thing is, we as staff would prefer it if forum reports were left for things that are more important than this. If everyone who was toxic and needed a slay for it was reported on the forums, there would be about 20 reports every hour. We would generally just prefer it if the only things reported on here were incidents like a mass RDM, metagame or other action that deserved a punishment like a ban. If you need staff on the server to deal with someone who is just being slight bit of a dickhead, you should just mention @TTT Mod in our Discord server.

Anyway, this report has been resolved so I am closing this thread, thanks for the report Larko, and it would be appreciated if everyone considered what I have said for future reference.

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