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Mojito's Appeal

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SteamID: 76561198098866289

Reason for ban: MRDM

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Permanent



Hey guys it ya boi Caipirinha, Over a year ago my account was banned for mrdm, took a break from garry's mod them hopped back on a week ago. I'm putting this appeal in because if i don't i'll be banned on this account for avoiding a ban. Honestly who doesnt have a bit of fun? Yeah i know its against the rules and shit but i know thats it was wrong and i realize that i like this server too much to get banned again hence the reason i donated ( coz i genuinely enjoy playing on this server) All I am asking if i could get unbanned I've been playing for a week now and had no problems and i plan to keep it that way. Cheers boys.


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Your appeal has been accepted.
You will be on probation, for MRDM, this will be for 2 months (end date 08/10/2019). if you MRDM again you will be permanently banned again without a chance to appeal.
This appeal was granted due to the significant time elapsed from when the ban was originally made.

Any future attempt at ban evasion will result in a Permanent ban without a chance to appeal.

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