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marci's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reason for ban: Sharing Personal Information | Updated to Community Ban

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Perm




Fartchi just got unbanned for sharing personal information for the sole reason that "it happened in a private discord"
I shared personal information in a private discord and for that reason I think I should be unbanned. I have shown my sincerity in the last post and im trying to prove that im better but you're not really being fair.

The player fartchi doxxed was a flux member.
The player I doxxed was a flux member.
They both happened in a private discord, unrelated to any connection to flux (it just happened to be a flux player)
I don't have much else to add because you know it's not fair.
The servers player count only just came out of a depression and here I am, just wanting to play the game, I don't wanna stir shit, I just want to play.
Everything I needed to say was said in the last appeal, that was the truth and I ask you to please re read it and for some to not be bias due to my history. please



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Stay banned

you're appealing for a dox ban on a server where:
- you get banned for sharing a picture of somebody who they themselves sent in the discord and never deleted.
- you also get banned for saying someones first name when they have a message saying "my name is x" .
- you also get banned for googling a persons username and finding their facebook and telling the person about their lack of online security, so they report you.

God forbid someone actually posted something that matters with malicious intent, like addresses and not just public information that the "victim" has already posted in same server

I dont know, i think in flux fashion, Fartchie should have stayed ban and u too and we go make a CuxTTT server

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