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free eric for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561199370738196

Age: 16

Current Server Level: 4,000 Hours

Recommendation(s) from Staff: eric


About free eric:

I'm 16 years of age and work at Mcdonalds and ronald mcdonald is my manager. I attend school every day except the weekend and holidays of course, I like playing flux and the bongo drums because this is what interests me in my alone time. I also play Rugby league since I am 120kg and 5'2 (not a lie). I play center also in basketball and can dunk the ball & shoot threes like Naz reid.


Reason for Application:

I believe i deserve the rank of Trial moderator is because i wish to better the server by policing the rules and regulations of the server. I want to make the server a fun and safe place for everyone to want to come and play on. I will to make sure that every report I get is handled properly and in a timely manner. I will also bring my skills i gained while apart of staff within different communities to this community to better equip me with handling different situations that might come to my table while apart of staff to make sure that they are properly handled and everyone is treated equally and with respect. I hope you will give me an opportunity to be staff.


Previous Experience:

I moderate countless discord servers, and used to own a FiveM server. in my times i also moderated some darkrp servers (the australian underground) i retired now because flux came back to life.


Additional Comments:

I would very appreciate it if i got moderator I love all people that play this game. Please accept my staff application I turned 16 13 days ago!!! 

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