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David Adair's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198945671892

Reason for ban: Hacking | MRDM

Issuing staff member: Dr. Zoidberg

Ban length: Permanent



I think this might be a mistake, because this ban literally happened when joining the server, but as joining TTT 1#, I kept on getting migrating to server 2#, saying sever was to full when joined server 2# as a message in text chat, which is why I assumed this ban was invalid and false and obviously a mistake.

I was ban for hacking and MRDM on 2019-07-14 10:53:48; however what is so weird about this ban is the lack of evidence.

1. I barely played the game, was joining the server TTT #1 but was always getting migrated to server TTT 2#, so when I got the message I got ban I was super confused because 1, I 'm not using any form of hacking,

2. I didn't do any MRDM nor RDM before leaving the server as well, because I was always before even coming into the world, got migrated to server 2#.

Anyways if anyone can look at this that would be nice, I'am still really confused of what happened though.

BTW, I assume Dr Zoidberg banned me because after checking server players list, he was the only admin on, so.

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Sorry, I apparntly mistakingly banned you. I apologise for this, as I appear to have copied the wrong ID despite the game telling me I copied the intended Player's ID.


I am unbanning you off all the servers. I accept responsibility for the fuck up, I sincerely Apologise.

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