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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561199370738196

Age: 15

Current Server Level: 1,200 hours on main and 1,500 hours on old account

Recommendation(s) from Staff:



My in game username is Fartch13, I am a very well known player maybe some don't like me but I have recently turned 15 and wanted to give the server a new life. I am a student at a school and just spend my time doing sport and stuff I guess.


Reason for Application:

I have always had a love for flux, Garry's Mod was my first pc game gifted to me on Christmas and from then the only server I've played since recently in the downfall of flux. I have over 2k+ hours on the one server alone and the downfall really made me sad and it has made me think about applying for mod for another chance of reviving the server, If I get accepted to admin I will spend every afternoon moderating the discord and flux servers ttt because you have seen what I am capable of when the server was fully populated. It has always been my dream since I first joined this server to finish my inventory, get to 100m, become moderator but none of those things have happened yet and I cant achieve that with the server being dead so I just really want to help revive the server and moderate to the best of my abilities. 


Previous Experience:

I have administrated in a few DarkRP servers since the downfall of flux and have become very well known amongst the community I think it would be very good if I am gifted a chance. 


Additional Comments:

Please help me save flux. This is my favorite server and by far the most time vie spent on a server. I have only ever been karma banned never banned.

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