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Soxicans's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561197960572776

Reason for ban: Apparently Doxxing

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Permanent




I did not leak any private information. The number in which I put in the chat was my friends number who was with me at the time and said that it was okay; as we were just messing around at the time claiming that it was other people. The land line number that I said to call was a PUBLICLY listed 7-Eleven number. Contradicting the leak of any personal information. A complete overreaction to justify permanent ban based off this, just a bit of fun really....


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I wasn't involved in whatever has happened but there is no way for staff to know if a phone number isn't personal information if it doesn't show up on google search results.


When 3 people all join the same server and all start posting phone numbers, it doesnt matter who the number belongs to, if it isn't yours, its pretty much never okay.

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Adding on to what Clair has said... it is not a joke to mess around, posting phone numbers with intent to confuse staff into thinking that you have done the wrong thing. 

Its not an over reaction to assume that 3 people that join the server and start posting phone numbers are doing it to target and cause defamatory action towards another player or random person. 

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I don't know where you got "3 people" from but it was literally the whole server (20+) listening to Shimp prank call random numbers that were being put in the chat. In hine sight, yes it was a stupid thing to do but absolutley nobody had malicious intentions at the time. Anybody involved will back me up on that.

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I feel bad for you partially Sox as you were on the server while 7 people + were spamming numbers and you happened to be one of the people who got into trouble for it (realising that you are still wrong regardless and mob mentality got the best of you.) 


I think the main issue is that you can't see how calling random numbers or giving your friends number over an online platform isn't problematic at all. A bit of cheeky bants isn't a good enough reason for you to justify that one. 


Coming from someone who was there calling you Shrimp, Carrotdick and probably 50% of TTT1 at the time idiots. 


I don't know what previous warnings/issues you've had with the server but I think a permanent is a bit harsh in my opinion. 

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Ban reduced to 3 days - I understand that the numbers placed in chat may have been approved of whoever owned the number. Although certain precautions need to be made when private numbers are placed into a public chat.

Any further incidents involving private numbers whether they've been approved by the owner or not, a more strict punishment will be applied.


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