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tukae's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198139559342

Reason for ban: Doxxing

Issuing staff member: lexx

Ban length: Permanent I'm reckon




To provide context, I used to be a very fat phobic person - back when I was a close-minded individual, before I embarked on my spiritual retreat (https://thriftyfamilytravels.com/harmony-place-day-retreat/). After the retreat, I realised that fat people are human too. My mom is overweight herself, and I should learn to love people no matter how wide they are. I'd say my fat phobia started when in grade 1 I was on the playground waiting in line for the monkey bars when Jenny (fuck U Jenny) an overweight girl pushed in line in front of me. In fear of her sitting on me (she towered over me), my voice was silenced and I did not end up confronting her. Since that interaction with Jenny, I resented overweight people with a passion. 



Now that I have established some context, I'd like to appeal my ban. I heard through multiple different sources and accounts (3 people) that the admin Kat is (excuse my language) a 'f*t power tripping b*tch'. Now, in hindsight, I should not allow hearsay to dictate my actions or emotions. When I heard the word f*t, I panicked profusely and needed to see a photo of her to confirm. When I saw the photo (during my fat phobic stage) I was shocked by how right the people were. Someone in my discord server made a sticker with bros face, and I made the mistake of posting it into flux discord general. I am so sorry. I apologise sincerely for my actions if they caused any harm. I am no longer this way. After my discord ban, I was still able to play on the server for a while and I even behaved.


To show my allegiance, Kat I want you to tell me how many kgs you are exactly (e.g. 140kg) and I will write sorry 140 times on paper with pen and send you a scanned copy. Sorry again. 




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Hey Tukae, we've updated our banning policy to include doxxing as a community ban, bar from one or two platforms (e.g. the forums). So I just wanted to answer your quondry as to why you were previously allowed to play on the TTT, yet be banned on the discord.

As for your appeal, I find your wording very disingenuous and backhanded, my advice to you is that it would be better for you to reword this appeal, heavily.

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