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zelpa for Developer on TTT and or BHOP

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:29351088

Age: Decrepit

Microphone: Yes
I have a microphone and am willing to use it

Recommendation(s) from Staff:

All of them except Lexx, my biggest opp.


About zelpa:


I have been playing GMod since 2009 and producing content for it since around the same time. What I do when I'm not playing the server is frankly none of your business but it is mostly legal.



Reason for Application:


The people yearn for me.



Developer Showcase:




I made this map from scratch in like 3 day I think.


Enhanced Citizens v4


It's true, I am the auteur behind Enhanced Citizens v3 and v4.


Rugs & Rugs & Rugs


I created GMod's only dedicated rug addon, a must-have for any RP server.


Some skin I cooked up


It's a skin I cooked up to prove I can make textures.



Previous Experience:


I ran a couple GMod servers in the past just as a hobby.

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title was fucked
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1 minute ago, Higashi said:

Can I ask what you'd like to do specifically on our TTT and Bhop servers?

Mapping for both, skin design for TTT, and I understand that Menace doesn't like bloated playermodels which I can definitely help with.  And I know a thing or two about GMod Lua and can probably help with that on the Bhop server.

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Hey zelpa, just letting you know we're reviewing your application and haven't forgotten about you, Menace is just busy on leave among other things.

What I'm gathering from the above comment: Predominately Mapping and Model/Skin Design, with possibility of helping with minor lua issues if needed?

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My word probably doesn't mean much, however;

a fat fucking +1. 

Zelpa is a talented and proficient lua coder. He aided our boy Arizard in creating Deathrun Neue, which was (and could still be, not sure, haven't checked) the most popular deathrun gamemode on gmod. Not to mention the addons that he's created which have become popular among many servers which were made years ago. 250k+ subs on Enhanced Citizens bro I can't even count that high.

Would be a loss not having him on the team.

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