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Infected game mode suggestions


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Suggestions for this mode, some maps are too one sided for either side:

1-Infected to have a lot less hp but (respawn after a few seconds?)

2-patient zero to have a ranged attack on cooldown, doesnt insta kill

3-survivors to have other items (e.g. cloaking device/short burst of sprint)

4-survivors to not be able to hit each other (with home run bats)

Maybe vote on discord for suggestions 1-4 or something?

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idk i like infected.


1. how much less HP, because theres way more options to keep infected back permanently (literally everywhere on rooftops and metropolis)

2. they have 4000 health, if you cant get someone with this its on you (or the 20 people camped around one building on rooftops and metropolis)

3. stuff that'll be used at most like a quarter of possible rounds bruh what a waste of time


someone needs to fire this cook...

too many nothing burgers...

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I was thinking something like 1000hp, but they can respawn indefinitely, with reduced HP regen


Another suggestion since it seems to be a mode where the infected almost always win - how about giving a small amount of $$$ for how long you survive? like 1 point per second. You get a bonus if you survive to the end? the round doesnt last that long and there are limited number of times per map, so not expecting ppl to earn that much from that


I like bacon on my burgers

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Going off the feed back, I believe you guys don't understand my intentions for infected.

I'll explain it here, I am happy to make changes if enough people want them but I need to explain my side first.

I designed infected around combat arms infection:

The aim of the game mode is to find a camping spot with team mates and do your best to hold out.

I have design infected to be hard to almost impossible to survive if you are not in a good spot.

This isn't a team death match where the win rate needs to be 50/50. If it was that it would be a sign of weak infected.

I want it to be difficult to win as survivor if you don't work with team mates or don't hold defendable spots.

Let's talk about the health and regen:

Infected have a lot of health to make it possible for them to survivors against a group of survivors holding a defendable spot.

The regain allows them to continue to push the survivors until they break or an opening is made.

The survivors have access to the T shop and are able to buy equipment to help them survive.

Let do a little bit of maths:

Currently the infected heal 20HP a second.

A survivor with an AK47 can do 150 damage per second if they are all body shots.

That might not seem like a lot but times that by every single survivor shooting at the same infected. Then that becomes very deadly for the infected.

Infected are balanced for groups of survivors not a single survivor.  

Survivors can also use the jar to double the damage or buy AWPs. if an infected has a wall behind them they will be completely destroyed and die in seconds.


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1 hour ago, Nick said:

i personally dont like that when I do get a good spot, I shoot the zombies off (where ever that may be) and they teleport right back up, gives no time to reload and there are multiple zombies doing it. I understand they can't stay down there forever but like, defeats the purpose of what you intended it to be menace.

This only happens when the infected falls off the map or hit a hurt brushes.

Stay away from them spots

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