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Ex-Flux Staff Are Oppressed

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Hi, my name is gifcartel (formerly Brock in the Hamptons) and I'm coming at the lot of you with a suggestion that will only benefit a small minority of the server.

I believe that in order to reward the very good behaviour displayed during their staffing time, all former flux staff should be given a minor pension (nothing major) of perhaps a couple thousand fluxbux per week at least. For too long I see ex-Flux Staff sitting destitute on the sidewalk, begging for scraps (free legendary and glitched weapons). With this small handout I think we could give a helping hand to those who've helped us out before. With a higher payment for higher ranks of ex-staff such as senior moderator and admins getting more than regular moderators.


This will help the server because it means less homeless ex-Flux Staff on the streets driving property values down, these newly enriched players will want to keep their wealth and increase it meaning less will be spent on drugs and crime and instead spent on more beneficial pursuits such as abyssal crates.

If you disagree, post your money spread

Thank you all for reading.


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