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Demonic Rework

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Having just gotten a demonic coin and used it I have come to realise the serious need of a rework for this to be even fair for the common players as so far it seems very aimed at the "sweats" who play almost every day and are already good at the game giving them a bigger advantage over most everyone else

So far they are rare to come across as it is and the people that have them have spent way too much time to get one (let alone multiple demonic modifiers)

125 HEADSHOT ONLY kills per level to only get one modifier at level 10 is just unreasonable for the majority of people to do on most guns
especially ones that are not single shot weapons that are unpredictable to get headshots with

I strongly believe that for the time and effort the effects just are not worth it to even obtain when thinking about what you have to do to get one:

Finding the gun you want
Either lucking out on the modifiers you want or the time and money slowly trying to get the modifiers you want to build up
Then All the time it takes to get those 4 modifiers maxxed out 
Then the $800 donator credits for the demonic coin itself
Then the hours it will take to get 125 headshots EVERY.SINGLE.LEVEL 10 times

All for something that only gives a small advantage for with a pretty substantial disadvantage
Again for guns that arent the Deagle, Rifle, G2 or other single shot weapons this is kinda ridiculous for any casual player or even semi regular players.

Therefore I suggest a reasonable rework as I understand this is something that is made to be a difficult thing to do but this kinda just feels like something straight out of a gacha like game with the whole pay to win and sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into which is not what this game should be about.

Simple yet reasonable fixes could be.

Scaling headshot levels on high fire rate guns much like how kills are scaled on the normal level 1-3 mod system

20 hs kills lv 1
40 hs kills lv 2
60 hs kills lv 3
80 hs kills lv 4
100 hs kills lv 5 (unlock first demonic)

or something to that degree (im fine with the 125 hs kills per level until you hit level 10 on deagles,rifles and the like as thats easy enough to achieve but still painstakingly time consuming)

Removing the all 4 max mod requirement allowing you to get demonic for the single glitched modifiers and slowly work to all 4 demonic that way 

Lowering the cost of the coin to make it easier for people to start on this lord of the rings movie length epic quest

I wouldnt mind some feedback from others who have jumped into this not realising the difficulty of doing it and even from people with one mod or more and their views on it (seeing as most people only put the demonic mods on single shot weapons)

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