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Ammunition boxes rework + texture


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I wanted to gather feedback/thoughts on an idea I was considering for the server where essentially I was hoping to rework the ammunition as currently, for example the AK, ACR, AMD, and other automatic rifles essentially (for some reason) share the same ammo as the mac10 and other light smgs which realistically, doesn't quite make a lot of sense. Another example would be the winchester, a lever-action rifle which for no reason at all uses shotgun ammo.


(Photo for reference)

I thought that a better system for ammo types would be defining:
- "smgammo" which is used for most semi/auto rifles would be seperated as "rifle ammo"
- "9mm ammo" would be reclassified as "smg ammo"
- "deagle ammo" would be reclassified as "pistol ammo"
- Sniper ammo would be labeled as "sniper ammo"
- Shotgun ammo will be staying as "shotgun ammo"

The purpose behind these changes is purely QoL, making it easier for new players, and for those using different weapons. Ammo boxes will be tied to the weapon type rather than completely randomly mismatched ammo types to guns.

Gun ammo should reflect weapon type, split into the 5 classes rather than be random, or loosely attached to an inaccurate system

If anyone has any feedback/thoughts on additional changes, or maybe even a better way to classify ammo, please let me know - I 

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I honestly think we should move away from the "make everything as realistic as possible" shit, reasoning is that things are just gonna end up unfun and ugly. 
We play the game to escape our day to day life and by making everything "realistic" we are just gonna start living it inside the game lmao.

If you want a game with severe realism then go play tarkov.

If we are making everything realistic then why don't we add a fatigue and sprint system, as well as heat stroke if you stay out in the sun for too long.
I just don't get it, gmod ttt is not a survival game, it's a semi fast paced gamemode when realism cease to exist.

I know this is only 1 post so far but you have shown me so many things to make the game "more realistic" when it really just needs the opposite of that.

Take for example the Santa's scout skin, you made the gold look like it was marinated in mud for 5 days because "well that's what gold looks like"
like yeah it probably does idk but leave a bit of fun and comic for the game.

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